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At Totally original merchandise I make unique marble doorstops made using off-cuts of antique carved or moulded marble blocks sourced from marble yards throughout the country, combined with handmade artisan carrying rings made in Dorset, available in 3 finishes. A piece of goatskin is applied to the base, sourced from upholsterers off-cuts. The price of your selected doorstop is the total cost quoted on your chosen block, including choice of metal ring. The doorstops will arrive within 2 weeks of ordering. 

Doorstop rings

Choose your piece of marble and your finish of ring, black, gilt. I will then make it, package it and send it to you. There is a greater selection of marble in my shop. They range in price. The bigger and better being more expensive.

Doorstops and packaging

If you would like a doorstop that is slightly different from the ones below I can send you pictures of some of my other stock.


Marble blocks/Antiques

A selection of marble
A selectionof marble
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