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The extraordinary collection of Robert Richard Sayer. Consisting of his Naval General Service medal with Java bar where he served as a Midshipman, his detailed Naval correspondence from 1806-1835, other pieces of early 19th C. Naval ephemera, Oceanic items collected by him whilst serving as first Lieut. onboard HMS Seringapatam in the pacific in 1830. His collection of shells and mineral ore samples, mainly gathered during his acting Captaincy of HMS Thetis to Rio de Janeiro. Also two-family scrapbooks. All contained within its original painted pine "country house" collectors cabinet


Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands.

"Hair of a Chief's daughter that occasionally swam onboard Seringapatan at Noo-a-hee ve one of the Marquesas Isles. April 1st 1830 Hight 48 inches aged about 11 years". To the reverse "hight of men from 5ft 2in to 6ft 1/2 in. Noo-a-hee va"(Nuku Hiva). 3cm  x 4.7cm.

A Pair of porpoise tooth, tortoiseshell and trade bead earrings (uuhe). Lable to one.  6.9cm and 6.6cm long.

A pair of whale tooth ivory ear {hakakai) ornaments, one having its cone shell end plugged with wood and having a wooden pin. 6cm and 5cm long.

Tahiti, Society Islands.

Two Bonita fishing hooks (aviti) with mother of pearl shafts, pearl and marine ivory hooks, plant fibre cord and lashing, one having two tufts of hair, probably dog hair.  Approx 24cm long with dog hair and cord and 18cm long. Also a mother of pearl haft. 8.4cm long.