Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands.

A lock of hair from Noo-a-hee ve (Nuku Hiva), Marquesas Islands. "Hair of a Chiefs daughter that ocasionally swam onboard Seringapatan at Noo-a-hee ve one of the Marquesas Isles. April 1st 1830 Hight 48 inches aged about 11 years". To the reverse "hight of men from 5ft 2in to 6ft 1/2 in. Noo-a-hee va".

A Pair of popoise tooth, tortoise shell and trade bead earrings. Lable to one. "

A pair of whale tooth ivory ear ornaments, one having its cone shell end plugged with wood and a wooden pin.

Easter Islands

Pitcairn Island.

A lock of Mary Young's hair (1825-1885) and John Quintal's signiture (1812-1838), grand daughter and son of the original mutiniers of the Bounty. "The hair of a very pretty little girl Mary Young and the writing of Jno Quintill. Pitcairn island, March 17th 1830".